Kurdistan Trip

The trip to Kurdistan in Northern Iraq, where Tom had the opportunity to visit in coordination with Grace Community Bible Church, helped us see first-hand the urgent needs present in that area of the Middle East. The works of different ministries we visited there are phenomenal, and in the midst of persecution they are aiding refugees in very difficult circumstances and working with the Kurdish military in a unique way being a witness for Christ. Due to this initial investigative trip, one specific ministry focus of FAI Mission International (www.faimission.org) stood out to us – their works in Iraq and in Syria. We want to present an initiative for this ministry to raise funds for FAI’s Christian relief work. It’s an honor to be able to partner with servants of Christ who are working in the Middle East where there is great need for the Gospel witness, as they help families displaced and severely affected by political unrest and war. Only Christ will bring true healing and hope to their lives.